Last of the Tasburai 

BOOK oNE - The Tasburai Chronicles

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‘We are the last of the Tasburai. We have to keep the faith.’

The kingdoms of Avantolia are in trouble but they don’t know it yet: war is brewing amongst them, while their ancient enemies, the Magrog demon-masters, are poised to invade.

The legendary Tasburai warriors once guarded the kingdoms, but now their elite order triggers more fear than respect. Grandmaster and elite swordfighter Suri-Yi must come to terms with the ghosts of her past and find the courage to revive the Tasburai as a force for good, not a tool of persecution.

Along with her gifted but volatile apprentice Adan, she must rebel against the tyranny of her one-time masters and liberate the people from oppression. She and Adan must stop the Avanist Republic exporting revolution to the kingdoms and along the way come to the aid of a spoilt princess, a feisty young thief and an army captain with no self-belief.

Redemption for past evil calls – but it may have to wait until present evil is defeated. Time is running out …

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ISBN/EAN13: 1497471389 / 9781497471382
Publication Date: Jun 24 2014 (362 pages)

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“Valour, vanity, vengeance” The National

“A new superhero is born. An impressive mixture of time-tested fantasy and fresh additions.” Gulf News

“Khan’s flowing penmanship and savoir-faire give each character a unique feature and voice.” Bookfabulous

“A promising epic fantasy series, with diverse characters and a solid storyline.” Kirkus Indie Reviews

"All in all a speedy entertaining read, reverberating with engrossing deeper meaning" Buzzing Tales