Rehan often gets asked to write business articles as well as commenting on literature. The pieces below are a mixture of both.

28/09/2019 - Making the case for single tasking. Gulf Business.

24/08/2019 - How to increase your productivity in a world of distraction. Gulf Business.

29/04/2019 - Enriching ourselves through the stories of others. The Federation of Children’s Book Groups.

14/01/2019 - Using AI to augment humans and redesign operations. BT White Paper.

25/12/2018 - Ensuring workers are relevant in an AI-enabled world. Gulf News.

14/03/2018 - Putting a service at the heart of mass digitalisation. Gulf News.

18/01/2011 - Entrepreneurs can think big but thrive on a small stage. The National.

03/01/2011 - Threat to internet neutrality imperils freedom of choice. The National.

27/12/2010 - Quality of life means more than the bottom line. The National.

20/12/2010 - Deep in the ocean, internet networks hang by a thread. The National.

13/12/2010 - A moral compass to navigate the corporate ladder. The National.

22/11/2010 - India can be a bridge too far for businesses. The National.

15/11/2010 - Thinking big in business - but not losing sight of the personal touch. The National.

08/11/2010 - Big business needs to be nimble and stay on its toes. The National.

01/11/2010 - Apple taste soured by lobby groups. The National.

25/10/2010 - Born to be wild, with a little bit of promotion. The National.

18/10/2010 - Assimilation of enterprise may leave little to cling-on to. The National.

11/10/2010 - Building innovation may be a foundation for Dubai landlords. The National.

06/10/2010 - Social values yield a different kind of return on investment. The National.

04/10/2010 - Incubators should be run by those with drive and daring. The National.

27/09/2010 - Mixed approach right way to merge best of both worlds. The National.

25/08/2010 - The long suffering of football fans and homebuyers. The National.

15/08/2010 - Google and Verizon seem to see no net worth in equality. The National.

04/07/2010 - Advertising falls short of earning its place online. The National.

13/06/2010 - It is high time that values balance value in business. The National.

06/06/2010 - The arguments for a regional 'Fat Tax' carry much weight. The National.

24/05/2010 - Attention all staff: I am the boss so you must like me. The National.

16/03/2010 - Magical mystery tour is waiting to take us away. The National.

15/03/2010 - Bags of wisdom on business and the environment. The National.

08/03/2010 - Brush off your failure folder and get innovative. The National.

01/03/2010 - Being connected does not mean being productive. The National.

25/02/2010 - Business success must survive the cult of personality. The National.

29/01/2010 - Can business leaders say what they stand for?. The National.

21/01/2010 - Collaboration is key in property disputes The National.

22/12/2009 - Bonus handouts must reflect performance. The National.

15/03/2009 - A new lexicon for the property sector. The National.