Rehan has delivered training to senior executives as well as middle and junior managers. the subjects he has taught are: management, customer experience and marketing. Current courses available are shown below:

The Art, Craft and Science of Management

Applying a balanced and healthy mindset to overcome management challenges and conundrums

A 1 day course in which the key learning points are:

  • Management is learnt through experience and as a practice is a mixture of art, craft and science; which needs to be balanced. 
  • Managers must recognise the different levels - information, people, action - on which they manage in order to lead successfully. 
  • Managers with healthy mindsets, are more effective in creating winning teams.

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Innovative Management

The practical application of management to create a competitive advantage for the organisation

A 1 day course in which the key learning points are:

  • Management innovation changes the way managers do what they do, and in so doing, enhances organisational performance.
  • Unearth and challenge management orthodoxies that constrain creative thinking.
  • Create new management principles with the power to illuminate new approaches.

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Further courses

Are also available on customer experience and branding. 

Course methods

Each course consists of learning tools, b case studies, group exercises and action plans which will help organisations think better and deliver results.

What the customer's say 

"Rehan is very good at getting people thinking practically. He makes quite complex ideas digestible." - Professor David Sims, Associate Dean, Cass Business School (London).

"The interactive nature of the program was the most useful aspect of the experience. Rehan is calm, kind and patient in his approach and is able to break down complex ideas into easy to understand concepts. Well done." - George Middleton, Managing Director, Red House Marketing (Bahrain).

“Rehan is a natural when it comes to consulting. He is unique in having both a broad understanding of diverse fields of business, in addition to in depth knowledge of specific key areas, making him the perfect partner for your training needs.” - Ehsan Al-Kooheji, General Manager, Unisono (Bahrain).

“I personally would like to recommend Rehan as an excellent trainer and consultant with elaborate experience in the region. He has been instrumental in developing content along with HULT Intl Career Services in the areas of Functional awareness & Soft Skills workshops at HULT INTL Business School.” - Sunil Baby, Associate Director (Career Services) HULT International Business School (Dubai).

“It is my pleasure to recommend Rehan. He is highly resourceful and knowledgeable. Has excellent communication skills and leads by example.” - Ehsan Razavizadeh, Head of Representative Office, Cass Business School (Dubai).

“Pretty neat and I must definitely say it was a lively presentation with the mix of relevant case studies and to-do exercises, no deviation from the topic which I’m sure comes from Rehan’s in depth understanding of the subject." - Deepa Sivanesan, Manager - Business Development, icon publishing and advertising (Bahrain).

"The members really appreciated the mind opening session, therefore I am suggesting Rehan's presentation to every marketing oriented company." - Yvett Bartos, Events Manager, The Capital Club (Bahrain)


Richard Dean of Dubai Eye 103.8FM talks to Prof. Rehan Khan 


Customer innovation by learning from other industries. Creating a competitive advantage by selecting the right instruments to deliver customer excellence. There are many types of Innovation (operational, product, strategic and management) and each can be a source of competitive advantage. Industries outside of one's own can be a fertile ground for innovative ideas whilst adapted to one's own business.